See and do

Summer hikes and mountain bike trails

Lergodset’s rural surroundings give you plenty of opportunities to explore the stunning wild natural beauty of Jämtland. There are multiple areas where you can go hiking, swimming, cycling, fishing, cross country skiing or canoeing. Our can also enjoy wildlife spotting, elk, deer, otters, and even bears can be seen in Jämtland’s nature parks. So when out in nature, don’t forget your binoculars.

Just 10 minutes away you can find an area called Högforsen which is a well known area for running and cycling. It offers stunning ATB and running tracks. In and around Hammarstrand are also many hiking routes as well as lakes with designated swimming areas. The Meåfallet and Dödafallet are places of interest that are certainly worth a visit.

Jämtland’s magical winter; cross country skiing and snowsmobile tours.

In the magical winter of Jämtland the possibilies are endless. You could go skiing, ice skating, curling, cross country skiing or ice fishing in the area surrounding Lergodset. If you are up for something more adventurous you can also book a snow scooter safari or a dog sledge experience.


In the village of Hammarstrand you can find many beautiful cross country ski routes some of which are illuminated making an evening outing possible. Do make sure you take a good look around when out in the snow because in winter many deer and elk can be seen in the forest. After a beautiful winter day out in the snow you can relax in from of a fire or in our sauna.

Ever dreamed of going to Lapland? Jämtland is just below Lapland and offers many of the same wonderful winter experiences. From October until March Jämtland is covered in snow making it a perfect alternative for often expensive Lapland trips. If you are lucky you can see the northern lights during your winter stay, an unforgettable experience.

History and nature surrounding Hammarstrand

Hammarstrand like Hollywood – The enormous letters at the top of the mountain immediately remind you of the Hollywood letters. From our B&B you can hike towards the letters. The hike can be a bit rough and steep but once you’ve reached the letters the view is amazing.

Churches of Raguna county –  Raguna, the county which Hammarstrand is part of, has many old churches dating back to the 16th century. Many still have original wooden carvings, midieval art and wooden bell towers making them woth a visit.

Thai pavilion – In 1897 the Thai king Cholalongkorn visited Sweden. While travelling north he visited Ragunda county, 100 years later a thai temple was built to honour the king of Thailand. Every year on the 19th of July a festival is organised honouring the Thai king’s visit to Sweden, there you can enjoy thai food, dancing and music.

Döda Fallet – The death falls is the result of Sweden’s biggest natural disaster. In 1796 Magnus Huss made a technical design error while redirecting the Indalsäven river which resulted in the drainage of lake Ragunda. Hammarstrand was built at the bottom of the former Ragunda lake. You can now enjoy many great walks on and around the former waterfall. In summer there is also a cosy café and an outdoor theatre.