Travelling to Lapland on a budget? That could prove to be a difficult task. Many winter activities in Lapland cost a small fortune not to mention the often beautiful but expensive lodgings. Luckily Jämtland offers many of the same winter experiences as its neighbour Lapland. In Jämtland’s magical winter landscape  you can go on amazing dog sledge tours or a snow scooter safaris. 

Surrounding our B&B Lergodset are many great snowscooter as well as cross country skiing routes. Going out for the day? Don’t forget to take a winter picknick with you, the Swedes like nothing better than roasting some bread and sausages over an open fire. We can arrange a picknick package on request or make a fire on our own terrain for your family to enjoy.
Enjoying a meal in the magical winter landscape of Jämtland is an unforgettable experience.

Into cross country skiing?

Jämtland has stunning cross country areas. Surrounding our B&B one can find many beautiful corss country routes some of which are even illumintated making an evening tour a possibility. Kullstabacken, Hammarstrand’s ski piste offers a chairlift as well as a cosy café where you can enjoy the famous Swedish fika coffee break with Swedish pastries.

But how do you go from A to B with all the snow?

Act like the Swedes and get around on a scooter sledge. We have some for you to use. Our adventure in Jämtland starts March 2021, will we get the hang of cross country skiing and scooter sledging? Follow our adventures on Instagram.


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